Beehive Visuals was born from pure passion for arts and visuals.

It was originally a one-man-company (formerly known as Jasmar Star Media) founded by Jasmar Cassar, but it’s now gradually expanding.

During these last couple of years, we had the pleasure to shoot events such as Malta Fashion Week 2019, and also work hand in hand with various artists, such as; Shyli, Gillian Attard (Founder of La Voix Academy), Kelsey B, Amy Mizzi, and many others!

At Beehive Visuals, we offer a variety of different services.

• Photography
— Portrait Photo Shoots
— Photo Editing
— Commercial / Marketing
— Holy Communions
— Weddings 
— Architectural & Real Estate

• Videography
— Music Videos
— Lyric Videos
— Short Films
— Commercials
— Architectural & Real Estate
— Video Editing

• Graphic Design
— Visual Identity; Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, etc..
— Marketing & Advertising; Postcards, Flyers, Infographics, etc…
— Art & Illustrations; Portrait Illustrations, T-Shirts, Album Art, etc…


Jasmar Cassar
(Founder of Beehive Visuals, Photographer, Videographer & Graphic Designer)

Jasmar is a twenty-one year old who’s passion for the arts is ever-growing. He’s a singer-songwriter, photographer, videographer and graphic designer. He has been into the music scene since a very tender age. Growing up, he found the idea of being able to direct and produce his own visuals very intriguing.  He started out by producing his own music videos, and for these past 5 years he has been continuously working hard to flourish and perfect his craft.

Rebecca Zammit
(Photographer & Assistant)

Rebecca is a twenty-two year old upcoming photographer. For as long as she remembers, her aspiration has always been to become a film photographer. During these last few years, she decided to take on photography as a profession and so she joined Beehive Visuals.